series: 'ARIUMS'. 'OOPHAGA' - pigments, polymers, enamel, acrylic glass, tulip wood, headphone jack/cord, coral. 500mmx500mm 'LEIURUS' pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, tulip wood. 500mmx500mm 'BOOMSLANG' pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, tulip wood. 500mmx500mm 'CHIRONEX' pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, tulip wood. 500mmx500mm 'AMANITA' pigments, polymers, enamel, acrylic glass, tulip wood. 500mmx500mm PITOHUIS (INPROGRESS)
series: 'CAPTIVITAS' 1. 'BELUGA GRIGIA' video 27 secs 2. 'SNAKELOCKS PORPORA' video 18 secs 3. 'SERPENTI VERDE' video 23secs
series: 'WOULD NATURE MAKE ART?' Art Safiental 2018. Tenna, Switzerland. Isn’t it conceivable that man will ultimately be molded by the force and portentousness of nature? Would nature make art? Or does this question, even in asking, enable us to see ourselves and our endeavours in a new light in relation to nature? The idea of landscape is fabricated by man - the landscape being a thing to be viewed as scenery, setting and painting. Looking at landscape as a verb - ‘land’ (or broadly ‘nature’) is in the passive position and is the object acted upon, or shaped by man. This series of works inverts that thought and presents the idea of ‘nature shaping man’. Plastic substrates painted with highly artificial, man-made pigments are literally shaped by the natural elements. Nature takes the active position, and so is the subject of the work, whilst the works are merely the object.