Title: THE PAST HUMAN works in progress 2020-2022

After realising that technology is in fact our already internal antithesis, something that we externalised - the past human came to be. Rather than using technology as the instrument of our own supposed rise, solely for the purpose of the enhancement of man as he conceives himself, we enhanced our relatedness to nature via technology and developed our sensibility towards natural intelligences, making us Past Human - a synthesis of man, technology and nature. 

The title the past human is an obvious play on the concept of the 'post human', alluding to an evolutionary being that has passed man - placing humanity as we know it firmly in the past.
The past human being the result of an ongoing three-fold dialectical process - the opposite forces come into conflict but instead of simply contradicting one another, they instead become synthesised into something more than the sum of their parts.
If technology is not our opposite as such, but simply a mirror reflection, is it Nature then that can provide a true other, allowing for the movement towards a more evolved consciousness?

(These sketches are works in progress building on my existing practice in digital/material painting and video, and expanding my practice to incorporate both scanning and photogrammetry, virtual sculpting and mixed reality works)

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