Using natural objects and artefacts of human existence, these works excavate my cultural heritage and 'spiritual' engagement, and make reference to the portentousness of Nature and the obsolescence of the technological and the human.

UNTITLED wood, natural pearl, shell, ginger, acrylic glass, 250x500mm
UNTITLED shell, lalique, gold plated bronze, wood, acrylic glass 250x500mm
BLADERUNNER wood, shell, red pigeon feathers, bee corpse, mac adaptor, thermoplastic polymers, plastic, acrylic glass, 250x500mm
AMPHISBAENA horn, shell, glass, peruvian flower water, dried datura flower, pigments, thermoplastic polymers, acrylic glass, 250x500mm

The amphisbaena is a serpent with a head at each end. Its name comes from the Greek words amphis, meaning both ways, and bainein, meaning to go.