'La vie mode d'emploi' bread, projector, 3 min video video, acrylic glass, 1 book

This work is inspired by the French writer Georges Perec, and employs the idea of an orthagonal Latin square. The point is that orthogonality is the relation of two lines at right angles to one another, perpendicular so to speak, so really an orthagonal latin square is one that is 3 dimensional. 

I like to think of this panel I created as an orthagonal Latin square, one plane of it being material and other immaterial. The cubes of bread taken from the panel of 'crusts' were put on the latin squares that can be found in the paving at the Palazzo di Duomo, Milan. The pigeons consumed the bread and went on their way into the skies. So the empty spaces left are the work. The video created of the process of consumption was projected through these empty spaces and reflected in reverse on the floor.
'I am a strange loop' pigments, thermoplastic polymers, enamel, acrylic glass, GoPro, projector.​​​​​​​

Which is the art, the projection or the material object? Douglas Hofstadter argues that the psychological self arises out of a paradox which he calls a ‘strange loop’. According to this view the psychological ‘I’ is a narrative fiction – a point that Ludwig Wittgenstein also made when he argued that the ‘I’ is not an object in the world, but a precondition for there being a world in the first place. 

Critical Text: Ida Terracino
Myvanwy Gibson has executed the installation “I am a strange loop ” composed of panels of transparent plexiglass suspended in mid-air, panels on which painting interventions have been realized. The work is conceived according to the principle of reversal and the mirror image, thus bringing into play the principles of its objectivity and the traditional interaction of the observer. The installation in fact, achieves a duplication between the sum of the actions carried out on the individual panels and their projection onto a wall away from their location. 
Through the movement of space, the observer is bound to a vision of the reverse side of the work being able to see the other side only in its projection which of course is characterized by the specific nature of technical means. The projection is a continuous stream that exceeds the ‘instantness’ of the photo or the completeness of video restoring the image continuously into the flow of life. Myvanwy Gibson, whose career has moved for many years within the relation existing between mechanical mediums and creative identity, has accomplished an experimental reflection on the dimension of spacetime in the image, thus expanding the rigid confines of it.
'It is possible to be a revolutionary and still like flowers' flowering branch, GoPro, projector, 2 mirrors, stencil, 4 books 

I think that Technology has the ability to create a​ space where the act of being can be observed, and so I have engaged it here to observe the presence of the subject and object in this work - nature and man. The title of the work was inspired by the project 'Is it possible to be a revolutionary and like flowers? by Camille Henrot in which she critiques anthropology via assigning highly poetic and conceptual meanings to ikebana pieces.