'The Strange Loop Intertwining' pigments, thermoplastic polymers, enamel, looped generative video projected onto PMMA 500mm x1500mm, projector, bleached and painted wood, acrylic glass box

Critical Text: Chiara Bernadini
'Myvanwy Gibson uses panels of transparent plexiglass as a field for her actions. These surfaces then allow the artist to take full advantage of the light and to play with the observation point of the spectator. What the viewer sees is never the actual place where the hand of the painter was - it could be that it is on the reverse or on a projection of that reverse. Through paintings, installations and exploiting the possibilities of digital, the artist reflects on the relationship between technology and painting, between the virtual and real, between the natural and the artificial.'

'The Intertwining' pigments, thermoplastic polymers, projector, looped generative video projected onto PMMA 500mm x1000mm.

'Place' ipad, imac, humans, location.