Title: THE POST-HUMAN in progress
We are a conglomeration of the technological and the classic, moving more and more towards a merging of the digital with our biological selves.
These paintings reflect this thought in their multimedia-ness - taking traditional painting techniques, such as oils, and merging them with technological tools such as graphic tablets and various image processing softwares.
This project is continued research into the combining of digital and classic painting via the creation of a series of 'portraits' of the dialetically conscious post-human - an anthropomorphisation of my idea of the post human.
I see the post human as a being that is one with technology, however not as the theory of the singularity poses, but rather as a technology that is our already internal antithesis, a thing that we externalised. Technology is innately humanist - the negative (think photograph not evil), to our positive or visa versa. Furthermore, I believe that for a true evolutionary post-human to emerge, we and our technological counterparts, must look to Nature. The abstract required in the triad being that which is beyond our understanding - the mystical laws of nature and physics. 
Is it possible that the dialectically conscious post-human requires the triad of man/technology/nature for it to emerge?

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