Title: 'Weaver' (Work in Progress)
Weaver is a performance avatar  - the disidentified version of the artist avoiding all visual and verbal cues and codes. Weaver is a virtual object made from a naturally occurring sound (in this first iteration Weaver is made from the sound of a bird, however any naturally occurring sound can create the visual form of Weaver). Weaver can be exported into a range of different metaverse environments for real time spoken word, sound works and conversation performances. Weaver is devoted to knowledge generation and the sharing of new knowledge and performs poems and other forms of writing. Weaver also has public engagement/public dissemination activities with the conceptual work Weaver Chats With…performative conversations where physicists, philosophers, artists etc are invited to converse with Weaver publically.

The poem 'We are Nature' was performed through the WIP avatar 'Weaver'. 

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