I use creative as well critical writing to gain a closer connection with the natural world. Through the practice of writing poetry I am permitted to glimpse, sense, the continuously expanding limits of nature. At times in the practice of writing it seems paradoxically, that I have knowledge of things I don't know anything about. This collaborating with the unknown has become a methodology in my practice, and I use it as an active form of research. My writings then develop into many different artforms - sonic poems, installations, spoken word performances and instructions for my practice.

Technology has always played an important role in my practice, however I work with technology with the aim of allowing nature to be the central creator of the work. I have taken the position that technology is an intelligence created by man, and so only holds the potential to recreate a continuous cycle of ‘human being’, rather than the possibility of a ‘human becoming’. I am of the opinion that technology is a reflection of who we are, whilst it is nature that holds the knowledge of who we can become. This becoming is central to the concepts in my work.

I tend to put nature in italics to emphasise two things. Firstly - by using this six letter word I am of course pointing to the ‘green’ things, however I am also to pointing to the bigger concept that incorporates all the phenomena of the physical world and the non-physical world of matter and energy. Secondly - i want to emphasise that I, as a human, have limited capacity to know what nature actually is.