Within my practice-based research I have been exploring the possibility of what I call an 'Anthropo-non-centric’ Art - questioning humans’ right to consider themselves above a priori and enquiring into the idea that there is the possibility for greater evolutionary thought via looking to the creative potential within nature. 
Technology has always played an important role in my practice, however I work with technology with the aim of allowing nature to be the central creator of the work. I have taken the position that technology is an intelligence created by man, and so only holds the potential to recreate a continuous cycle of ‘human being’, rather than the possibility of a ‘human becoming’. I am of the opinion that technology is a reflection of who we are, whilst it is nature that holds the knowledge of who we can become. This becoming is central to the concepts in my work.

I tend to put nature in italics to emphasise two things. Firstly - by using this six letter word I am of course pointing to the ‘green’ things, however I am also to pointing to the bigger concept that incorporates all the phenomena of the physical world and the non-physical world of matter and energy. Secondly - i want to emphasise that I, as a human, have limited capacity to know what nature actually is.