The Fount is an installation incorporating 10 procedural videos, silk veil, 30 white feathers, 30 glass vessels and original source water taken from the fountain in the centre of the town Todi in Umbria, Italy where it was exhibited in August 2021 as part of the OPEN DOORS annual group show. The installation incorporated a performance which entailed the artist walking across the main piazza in Todi 15 times with buckets of source water taken from the fountain with an Eagle (representing the towns heritage). The work combines technology with the symbolic power of naturally occurring elements - feathers, water, color, sound and light - the objects come together in the vein of assemblage works. The technology is part of the work - not only as a method of display but as a integral part of the structure. The series of videos BIRDS CAN PAINT were created with bird song (specifically in this case ten native Australian birds) via mapping the sound frequencies to colour. The choice of which frequency was mapped to which colour model was conceptually underpinned by an ancient Taoist thought called Wu Xing, which, as described in the I Ching (the Book of Changes) is a system of five phases that interprets relationships between phenomena. It maps the five musical notes in the pentatonic scale to the five basic colours - so using this as a guide I mapped the bass, low, medium and high to the RGBA colour model of alpha, green, red, and blue respectively. 

Smart Flat Screen display; 10 x 3min generative videos, 10 x 3min sound recordings of Australian birds, silk chiffon wedding veil, 30 white pheasant feathers, 30 glass vessels; clear nylon wire, original source water taken from fountain in Todi, Italy. Dimensions Variable

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