Smart Flat Screen display; 10 x 3min generative videos, 10 x 3min sound recordings of Australian birds, silk chiffon wedding veil, 30 white pheasant feathers, 30 glass vessels; clear nylon wire, original source water taken from fountain in Todi, Italy. Dimensions Variable
This work is inspired by the historical and cross-cultural notion that there is a magic language via which only the initiated can communicate - often referred to as the 'language of the birds'. 
The number 30 used in the installation (30 feathers attached to 30 vessels of water) recalls the 30 birds in the ancient Sufi story that journeyed to find their leader, a poetic metaphor for the evolution of consciousness.
The video was in fact created by birds - I was able to make their song visible by mapping the primary colors of light (red, green and blue) to the low, medium and high sound frequencies these magical creatures make. 
The installation brings together the symbolic power of naturally occurring elements - feathers, water, color, sound and light. It is dedicated to my friend Alison who has recently gone to the light and is now wandering with the birds. see you soon my friend. 
The focus of the research behind these works is the creative relationship between human and non-human intelligences, with the pivotal point of the argument being that technology sits in the camp of human intelligence. The triad that conceptually drives the theory and creates the works, is the intertwining between technology, man and nature. In essence the works are an illustration of an ongoing three-fold dialectical process - opposite forces come into conflict but instead of simply contradicting one another, they instead become synthesised into something more than the sum of their parts.
The objects come to together to create the final work - as in the vein of assemblage works. The technological object (computer/monitor/tablet etc) is a part of the work - not as a method of display (as a canvas is for a painting for example) but as a integral part of the sculpture or installation.

Watch the video seen on the monitor here : https://myvanwygibson.com/birds-can-paint

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