What notes do birds sing in?
Well, as notes are a human construct, it could be contested that they sing in notes at all.
This video series was created by birds (specifically in this case ten birds native to Australia). Their song was made visible via mapping the sound frequencies to the RGBA colour model. The choice of which frequency was mapped to which colour model was conceptually underpinned by an ancient Taoist thought called Wu Xing, which, as described in the I Ching (the Book of Changes) is a system of five phases that interprets relationships between phenomena. It maps the five musical notes in the pentatonic scale to the five basic colours - so using this as a guide I mapped the bass, low, medium and high to the RGBA colour model of alpha, green, red, and blue respectively.

BIRDS CAN PAINT 10 procedural videos of 3 min duration. 10 video still archival inkjet prints on on Hahnemühle bamboo matt paper 450mmx650mm
The videos where shown as part of an installation 'THE FOUNT' :

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