In a sense, excavation is the surgical aspect of archaeology - it is a surgery of the buried. It's the exposure, recording, and recovery of hidden material. Via the reassembling of owned objects, this series of works aims to unearth subconscious ideas, thoughts and concepts. The re-collecting of one's self aids the process of social evolution, and so they could be viewed through the idea of 'assemblage as social repair. Noted by the curator and writer Gianluca Gramolazzi as 'archeology of the future'.

BLADERUNNER wood, shell, red pigeon feathers, bee corpse, mac adaptor, polymers, acrylic glass, 250x500mm

AMPHISBAENA horn, shell, peruvian flower water, datura flower, pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, 250x500mm​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

AEGIS shell, lalique crystal, gold plated bronze, wood, acrylic paint, acrylic glass 290x380mm

INCENSUS wood, natural pearls, shell, incense, mirror, resin, fluorescent acrylic glass, 250x500mm

owning an animal is a 
sign of status and empathy 
exalt the bee and 
become the blade-runner
enlightened by the water of 
youth and the trumpet flower
at the centre of all is the amphisbaena
the golden knot wraps 
around the split snake 
but the power of the ego 
is never to be underestimated
incense me I'll make pearls 
of your skin said the sea snail 
as it extended its mantle 
outside of the shell