ROCK pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, photography. 46°44’27.6”N 9°19’54.5”E (Swiss Alps)

TREE pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, photography. 46°44’42.9”N 9°20’43.8”E (Swiss Alps)

WATER pigments, polymers, acrylic glass, video, photography. 46° 41’ 50,46” N 9° 19’ 27,378” E (Swiss Alps)
series: WOULD NATURE MAKE ART? ​​​​​​​
The idea of landscape is fabricated by man - the landscape being a thing to be viewed as scenery, setting and painting. Looking at landscape as a verb - ‘land’ (or broadly ‘nature’) is in the passive position and is the object acted upon, or shaped by man. This series of works inverts that thought and presents the idea of nature shaping man. Plastic substrates painted with highly artificial, man-made pigments are literally shaped by the natural elements.  Nature takes the active position, and in the documentation is the subject of the work whilst the man-made works are merely the object.

Is it not conceivable that in the end man will be shaped by the strength and the portentosity of Nature? 
I mean, think about it - would Nature make art?

Paper: Thinking about Land Art through a Anthropononcentric Frame. Art Safiental 2018. Tenna, Switzerland.
TREE (Sketch) Digital Fine Art print on Hahnemühle bamboo matt paper. 500mmx700mm

WATER (Sketch) Digital Fine Art print on Hahnemühle bamboo matt paper. 500mmx700mmy