This installation of plexiglass paintings was developed via my practice and research while formally studying painting.  Via my experiments in painting I stumbled on the concept of the unity of opposites. I was trying to find a way to paint after I had worked with light for so long and it was proving difficult - until I started to paint on plexiglass. This support gave me a better aesthetic result but more importantly got me thinking. The aesthetic for me can be a gate - an intriguing and seductive aspect of art via which the rich garden of the conceptual and philosophical can be entered. 
I started to see that one side of the painting was a mirrored version of the other - one only needed to rotate the piece to see its opposite. This may be an obvious conclusion, but as an idea it really intrigued me and upon further research I was opened to the world of dialectics which, via its possibilities for expansion beyond contradictions and as a medium for change, I answered a question I didn’t actually know I was asking, coming to the conclusion that  'Revolution does Not Create Evolution - for a true Evolution to take place a sublation of opposites is required'. This research led me to write the thesis titled ‘The Tautology of Virtual Reality’ and to create the installation of plexiglass paintings 'Evolution not revolution'.
pigments, thermoplastic polymers, acrylic glass, tulip wood frames.1650mm x 400mm x 1000mm (dimensions variable)

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