Hantarex Flat Screen display, Dead Box Brush, 2.22 second video. Dimensions Variable
For a group show I was invited to rethink the idea of ‘the remnant’ in the work of art. As a form of active resistance to the death of said remnant, the curatorial idea proposed that each production of art, from its embryonic conception to its realization, leaves behind remains in material or conceptual form that are crucial in the final result of the work.
In the installation ‘The Inverse Tree’ the remnant of a once living tree points earthwards towards a video of moments of time that are now non-existent. The viewer that contemplates the work stands in a continued life stream, while the work itself is dead. The work invited the viewer to take a small twig from the inversed tree if they accepted their own death. 
The objects come to together to create the final work - as in the vein of assemblage works. The technological object (computer/monitor/tablet etc) is a part of the work - not as a method of display (as a canvas is for a painting for example) but as a integral part of the sculpture or installation.
Watch the video seen on the monitor here : https://myvanwygibson.com/theinversetreevideo

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