The image was created using optical feedback (camera/monitor relationship), adding a third mirror to reflect the infinite relationship that occurs between 2 mirrors. The original light source can be extinguished once the feedback has started, and in the absence of friction or other interference, the light will continue to travel infinitely. The work was shown as part of a group exhibition in 12 churches in the city of Novara, Italy.

The work has a scientific basis, referencing the laws of physics to create a consideration of the existence of a channel, a sort of retroactive current, a thought that can be traced back to the assumption that man is the reflection of the divine image. The assumed spiritual and natural source of mankind, the generator of an offspring that no longer dwelling in mythical times has lost the awareness of the connection and so has become unconsciously separate, at the mental level, whilst at the level of earthly life a mark has remained in the physiognomic features that the biological fathers have passed down. The subject of the enquiry in the work is the act of this reflection, configured through three mirrors, one opposite the other, that are then reflected to infinity. Gibson positions the light between them perfectly parallel so as when one gazes inside the space an endlessly reverberating light is defined.​​​​​​​     Curator: Andrea Del Guercio
Installation - dimensions variable. Projector, Digital SLR Camera, Mirror, large format latex print on canvas.
THE EGG FOR HEGEL 29 second video

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