ART IS THE MACHINE (series) 2013-2014

This series consists of more than 40 works on plexiglass created via exploring the idea that intuitive, or subconscious practice opens the way for concepts and ideas. Numbers were allocated to the works chronologically (in the order that each work came to be), and then these individual works created new works ​​when placed together. 
ART IS THE MACHINE No. 1 oil, acrylic glass (1 panel) 50cm x 50cm (above)
Flyenergia Prize Painting Section. Exhibition of finalists for Flyenergia Prize. Milan, 2013
ART IS THE MACHINE No. 282729 ​​​​​​​pigments, enamel, canvas, acrylic glass panels x 3 1650mm x 1000mm​​​​​​​ (below)
Exhibition of works from the Brera Painting School 2014. Ex Chiesa dei San Carpoforo, Milan