WHO IS THE ARTIST  48 sec video 2015

When I paint I am in the real world. And the real world is the outside of a mirror. However when I paint on something transparent, one can ‘​go around to the other side​’ of that painting and see it as though 'in' a mirror.  So if we follow this logic, if the painter is in reality when he painted it, the viewer of the painting must be in non-reality.  Is that not so?   
The v​irtual i​s thought of as things we cannot physically alter or experience without electronic mediation. I like to think of myself as working in both these existences, trying to intertwine the immaterial with the material. Maybe what we think is real is actually artificial. Maybe there is no reality without virtuality and visa versa. 
The artworks are presented to the viewer on the opposite side to that which I have painted, (a front-back reversal, along the depth axis). One needs to rotate the piece, or rotate around the piece, to see its opposite. So rather than being 2 dimensional, the horizontal and vertical are actually part of the painting, it is just that one of them is material and the other is immaterial.  ​​​​​​​

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