PATHS (series) in progress
The series was inspired by postmodern spiritualities - particularly the topic of pathworking - a process by which one traverses the paths of the Kabalistic Tree of Life. Considered to be a blueprint of the human being, everything on the Tree of Life is said to be a reflection of what happens inside oneself. It is argued that the tree of life can be applied to all religions and esoteric teachings.​​​​​​​
This series of paintings are handmade on a digital substrate, then printed onto aluminium panels. The flatness of the final works belie their analog tactility; making no apologies for allowing a machine to assist in the production.​​​​​​​ Rather than being a direct translation from tablet screen to material surface, the process to arrive at the work entails a crossing over from digital to material and back again, sometimes many times. Material paintings are photographed or videoed; digital images are photographed through the tablet screen, and natural elements are layered between image, screen and lens. The painting develops on the digital substrate as in classic painting - through layering, removing, reworking and revealing.
Title: PATH 24 DEATH. Fine Art print on Hahnemühle bamboo matt paper. 500mmx750mm
The Imaginative Intelligence. From Netzach (Victory) to Tiphareth (Beauty). Death of the personality - born into the consciousness of individuality.
Title: PATH 19 STRENGTH. Fine Art print on Hahnemühle bamboo matt paper. 500mmx750mm
Spiritual Intelligence. From Geburah (Severity) to Chesed (Mercy)The ability to face up to everything that has happened during the complete span of personal evolution.
PATH 22 JUSTICE​​​​​​​ - Faithful Intelligence. From Tiphareth (Beauty) to Geburah (Severity). Karmic Adjustment - a self- assessment - where the Personality is absorbed by the Individuality. The faithful intelligence by which 'spiritual virtues are increased’ ​​​​​​​

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