Title: SHAPE SHIFTING (2021)

'Shape Shifting' was the title of a solo exhibition of my painting works which was presented by the Milan-based artist collective 'Supergiovane' and curated by the art historian and critic Mattia Lapperier. I titled the exhibition 'Shape Shifting' for its obvious double meaning  - Shape shifting literally being the changing of visual forms, but also as it is a term often used to define the alteration in form or substance of any animate object, frequently with the assumption that the change from one state to another is the liberation of a being from its false to its true nature. 

'Myvanwy Gibson's works are the reflection of a continuous mutation, which has become systemic, and is now an integral part of our way of conceiving ourselves and the world. The works welcome multiple layers within them, the result of a process that has its origins in video art from which the artist’s practice began. 
A wild, primaeval and sentient nature seems to flow undisturbed from her works. The violent chromatic lighting, as well as most of the textures that characterize her works, refer to the many species of reptiles and birds native, like herself, to Australia.
She has from the beginning explored the generative possibilities offered through the use of computer systems, starting from her first experiences with video; and has over the last several years, developed a language that passes from analogue to digital and vice versa, in a perpetual cycle. A form that changes continuously, a metaphor for a world in perennial evolution.' Text by Mattia Lapperier

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